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Shri O. P. Jindal Vidya Niketan School at Samagogha was founded on August 7, 2007 under the management of Shri O. P. Jindal Charitable Trust.


The aim of the School is to give our students an all round education-Physical, Intellectual, Moral, Social and Aesthetic based on high ideals and profound principles. All these aspects of education are well attended to and the pupils are trained to play their part in life through carefully planned and organized activities enabling them to appreciate moral values, concern for the neighbour, refinement in behaviour and a love for culture particularly of our own land. Great emphasis is given to discipline and character formation. Shri O. P. Jindal Vidya Niketan School aims not only high standards in academic but strives as well to form students with well balanced and integrated personalities, who are fit to be worthy and loyal citizens of our country.